No Regrets in the Waiting


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I am 32. I am single.

These are tough sentences to say. Perhaps because they do not stand on their own. They are imbued with a host of other sentences that may not be said, but are surely thought.

I am unwanted.

I am undesirable.

I am unloved.

We think these things even when, as Christians, we know that they are not true.

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2 thoughts on “No Regrets in the Waiting

  1. I’m coming up on 32 and as single as it gets! There are many benefits and life lessons learned as a single gal indeed. Trying to not look back and wondering if I am too picky is tough to not do these days, though. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Keep the faith, sister!! Trust me, I have been there! 32 really was a tough turning point for me – and then I met Pat a month later. It can happen just like that, and it only takes one. Not just the odds, but more importantly God’s grace are in your favor! Thanks for the comment and I really hope that I can encourage you!

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