Happy Mothers Day!

Mom and Me

Happy Mothers Day to my mom!

My mom was also a Modern Ruth.  By the 1970s she had already been married and divorced and living the single lady life in Los Angeles County.  My dad was an ex-Naval aviator living in LA county who was attending a training in Maryland and, as apparently was often the case, he and his friends were getting rowdy at the restaurant that they were at.  My mom’s cousin was the hostess and went to quell the hordes and somehow struck up a conversation with my dad.  She told him she had a single cousin also living in LA county and he should look her up.  Here’s the crazy part – he did!!

I know for myself that if someone had said, hey, I have a single male cousin in Columbus, you should look him up, the chances would be nil to zero that I would have done so.  And keep in mind that this was in the days prior to Facebook stalking, googling, or any other way to fact check the existence and potential craziness of said cousin.

So maybe it says something about my dad’s persistence, but with only her name and her workplace (she worked for the county welfare department, which employed 75,000 people at the time), he managed to track her down.  How? By calling personnel (again, it was the 70s, when apparently women’s information was handed out willy-nilly to strange men).  He introduced himself to her and they set a date for a drink.

My mom was casually dating two other guys at the time, but she knew neither was going to lead to marriage.  She figured, why  not?  When my dad pulled up to her house, she said to her roommate, “At least he’s driving a Thunderbird.”  We’re a discriminating bunch. 😉

From there, it’s pretty much history.  They dated for four years and got married when she was 30 and he was 36.

So that should give pretty much everyone hope – these days we think we have to jump through all of these hoops and set up perfect profiles and organize awe-inspiring dates.  But a random conversation across the country resulted in my parents getting together – you never know how God is going to work it out!!



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