3 Ways to Win at Online Dating!

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Your dating profile is like the first glance across a room.  You see her walk in and boom, your jaw drops to the floor.  Or you catch the eye of a cute guy with a beard and your heart skips a beat.  That’s what you want your dating profile to be like.  Something that makes a person stop and take notice.

All too often, though, we make basic mistakes in our profiles that rather than drawing someone in, pushes them out.

As someone who did online dating for three years, I utilized several dating websites, hoping for success each time.  For each website, I created a new profile.  I put extensive thought into what might make a prospective suitor stop and take note.

Here are three easy tips to follow.

1. Less is More

True in life and true in dating profiles!  In Amy Webb’s excellent book, Data, a Love Story, Webb found the secret to success laid in five well-chosen photos, no more no less.  These were specifically ones that showed the person animated and natural, such as in the middle of a laugh with a friend.

The principle also applied to the text – think short sentences and paragraphs!  Be positive and upbeat, showing off the fun side of your personality!

2. Put Yourself Out There

It’s the 21st century – don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.  That goes for both guys and girls – don’t be shy!  At least once a quarter, I would go through the list of options and contact at least five people.  While some might say that this not letting the man to pursue, I would beg to differ.  There is no difference between indicating interest in someone’s profile, and smiling across the room, or striking up a conversation.

Also don’t be afraid of rejection – every person is individual and is looking for something different.  You may or may not be that thing, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you!

3. Expand Your Parameters

In Webb’s book, she discussed how doing one thing – increasing the geographic search radius – resulted in her finding the right man.  I think that this is a metaphor for the whole online dating experience.  Part of the beauty of online dating is that you get to find people whom you never might have met otherwise!

As I wrote about in my post for Boundless, some of the areas where we could stand to be more open-minded include looks, race, and age.  What about political philosophy?  Education?  Income?

We are often so quick to write someone off, but especially in the beginning stages when you are still learning what is truly important to you, be open to meeting someone friendly and interesting for a conversation. You might surprise yourself!

For my readers, what other tips can you offer fellow online daters?

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2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Win at Online Dating!

  1. I have a lot of friends that ask me to critique their profile to help with their online dating. The biggest mistake I see is when you say what you don’t want versus what you do want. Instead of “I don’t want a cheater or a guy who plays games” say “I want a guy who is loyal and can be honest and direct with me”. The first sounds bitter the second sounds more confident in my opinion 😉

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