Modern Ruth: Nicole

Nicole Evans

Love this gorgeous wedding photo of Nicole and Toby!  Check out her wedding story below and I pray it gives you encouragement!

  1. What age were you when you got married?

5 days before I turned 30

  1. How did you make use of the time that you were single?

I stayed busy so that I wouldn’t think about it. I got really involved in church, work and hung out with friends constantly. I was able to be there for people that maybe I wouldn’t have been available for them if I was married, pregnant, etc.

  1. What was your biggest struggle as a single person?

There were so many unfortunately! The main struggle was family: I was getting older and I wanted KIDS! I worried I wouldn’t get to experience the miracle of being pregnant and having babies! A close second was feeling alone while my friends had already found “the one.” Always feeling like the third wheel.

  1. What helped you wait on the Lord?

Many things: One was reading my Bible and believing that God had already hand picked him out, it just wasn’t time yet. Two was claiming the verse Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Three was my mom and my dad, they were so encouraging, never once did they make me feel bad about not having a prospect. Four, I created a list of everything I wanted in a man, the list was super detailed, but I knew my God cared about everything even to the smallest detail!! I read this list and prayed over this list almost everyday.

  1. What were the top five qualities that you were looking for in a husband?

1. Christian. 2. Smart. 3. Funny. 4. Good looking. 5. Nice to everyone, no matter what

  1. Tell us a little about the journey from meeting to marriage.

I was living in Columbus, OH and he just moved to Columbus, OH from Las Vegas for law school. He is originally from Ohio and decided to do a search on Myspace (the old school social media site) to see if any of his friends were still in Ohio. My profile popped up and his roommate dared him to ask me out.

So he messaged me and asked me out. He wrote: “Don’t you hate it when weird guys on Myspace ask you out that you don’t know?”. I responded, “Yes”. (that’s it) He then proceeded to write me over the span of three months and then asked me out again. I again said, “No”. We then continued to email for another three months and he asked me out for the third time. This time I said, “Yes”. I told all my friends where I would be just in case he ended up being a creepster.

We met at Starbucks and talked for five hours straight. I remember walking in and thinking he is so hot, I’m nervous. We hit it off right away and the rest is history. It was nice meeting someone that was on the exact same page as you. It felt right from the beginning and continues to get better and better. He is my best friend and there is no doubt in my mind that this is the man that God had for me from the very beginning.  He was worth the wait and I would do it all over again.

  1. How did you know that he was the man that you were to marry?

My mom, who is such a prayer warrior, started praying for our mates when my siblings and I were babies and one of the things she prayed was that “he” would just know the second he met “me” that I was the one for him. Later, my husband told me that on the first date we went on, there was this voice in his ear telling him over and over again that I was the one he was going to marry. He said it was driving him crazy! He proposed four months later. It took me about two months to figure it out, but he hit EVERYTHING on my list!

  1. Now that you are married, what do you think are the most important qualities to look for in a husband?

A Christian man who will be a good Christian leader.  However, Toby was a new Christian when I met him, but I could see his potential and his drive to learn more about Christ. Another important quality is marrying someone that you respect, to me this is a close close second! And compatibility, if you struggle to get along/communicate now, it most likely won’t get any easier.

  1. Looking back, what did God develop in you during your time in singleness that has blessed you in marriage?

I grew closer and closer to God during this time. I had to trust that he was going to provide the perfect guy for me. And he did, which allowed me to be grateful for my husband and appreciate him. I am so blessed to have him as my husband.

  1. What advice would you give to ladies who are single later in life?

Don’t worry! God has it all under control. I know, I know, easier said than done. But, believe me when I say he will provide! Also, don’t get frustrated when annoying people say mean things to you about still being single. Try to enjoy your single-hood, because when you get married comes compromise. When you find the one that God has for you, it is worth the wait. It is wonderful! Be patient. Don’t settle!



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