Lessons From a Lifelong Third Wheel


I heart this article on Boundless (actually a repost from 2013) about not fitting in, being left behind, or simply feeling like the odd one out by being single.  Ladies and gents, this was me.  The good Lord in His great mercy gave me two best friends, one of whom married at 30 and the other is a singleton herself.  But in any other group setting, I felt like the weird girl who couldn’t find a man (like any normal person could was the implicit refrain).

Normal work smallchat?  Sports (nope) or family (got nothing).

In small group, my friends would share about their struggles with their husbands and kids, and I would sit awkwardly to the side with a one-minute share (“Yep, I’m still single.  Pray for a husband.”).  My life struggles felt inconsequential in comparison to theirs.

My friends have couples date nights.  Guess who isn’t invited?

Being single isn’t easy.  Few people want to be single.  We already feel lonely because we do not have that partner.  But equally difficult is feeling out of step with our friends and colleagues.

So out of that, this article and even this whole blog  is to say – you are NOT out of step, or odd, or left behind because you have a whole community of single Christians who are saying, ME TOO!  Come join us!

Have you felt like an outcast for being single, and how have you overcome that?

Photo credit to Boundless.


4 thoughts on “Lessons From a Lifelong Third Wheel

  1. Oh, this is fun! I hopped on over here because I appreciated your blog posts on Boundless…and here you are talking about my article. I’m glad it meant something to you!

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