The Lord Already Knew It Would Rain


“The Lord already knew it would rain today.”

Those were the words of my pastor on Sunday, looking out at some dismal weather on the day of the church’s “Get in the Game” outdoor extravaganza.  Emphasis on “outdoor.”  Ministry leaders had come from all over the city and even another state to share service opportunities with my church.  As the service continued, however, the rain steadily grew stronger.

I was already feeling anxious, but for another reason.  Sunday was also the day of my wedding shower.  After weeks of no rain, we had invited friends and family to bring their lawn chairs and outdoor games.  My bridesmaids and best friends had spent hours yesterday preparing.  It wasn’t looking good.

The pastor shared the weeks of planning that had gone into the event.  The coordinator had had nightmares as she watched the looming forecast.  But even though the worst had happened and indeed, the rain had come, my pastor’s faith and confidence were not shaken.

“The Lord already knew it would rain today.”

The words resonated in me.  While I was feeling disappointed, the Lord was not.

The Lord was not sitting in heaven, thwarted in His plan.  While we may have seen the poor weather as a defeat, God did not.  He was still going to accomplish what He set out to accomplish.  Rain, a temporary weather pattern, was not going to stop the Lord’s work.  Perhaps He even had a greater plan for the rain; maybe it would sort out the wheat from the chaff and those who were only attending the ministry event for the pancakes would stay away, leaving space for connections to be made for the truly interested.

For those of you reading, many of you already know that I am in a season of rain, as my job search has taken longer than I thought.  Where I had stepped confidently before, always assured of my abilities, now I am uncertain.  But the Lord already knew that I would have this season.  He already knew what was going to happen in my life.  And what’s more, maybe He has a plan for it.

For many of you, your season of rain is not a job search, but singleness.  The forecast is gloomy, no ray of sunshine in sight.  You don’t know how long the rain will last.

But God knows.

He already knew of your rainy season, had even foreordained it in many cases.  He knew when it would start and when it would end.  He knew of the rainbow that would follow – He had created it.

While it is not easy to wait out the rain, we know that it is not going to last forever.  We can have faith that God is still King of all our circumstances.  He is not surprised and He still has good plans in store for us.

The Lord already knew it would rain.


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