Go To Jail


Taking a short break from our Proverbs study, I just want to share with you an article that I published today in The Mudroom, an online Christian blog/magazine!  

Ten years ago, I sat around a table with a group of six girls, trying to teach them creative writing. We shared poetry, short stories, and personal memoirs. I wasn’t that much older than them, and yet our worlds were oceans apart. For we sat in the library of a local juvenile correctional facility, and those girls were locked in.

Meet Pam. Heavyset with dirty blonde hair, she experienced mental illness and had been bounced from foster home to foster home. She had a substance addiction and nowhere to call home.

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4 thoughts on “Go To Jail

  1. Wow, Joanna, this was powerful! I have to admit I forget about the incarcerated and especially young girls who are in such facilities. I’m so glad you followed the Lord’s leading to be His light in such a dark place!

  2. Hi, Joanna! I followed the trail of breadcrumbs over here from The Mudroom Blog today to let you know that you’ve spoken to an interest that I have had for some time. The state prison is right in my town, and I’ve wondered about a Bible study or SOMETHING — teaching writing or even tutoring young women who want to improve their reading — is certainly a good beginning. This is something I need to be praying about!

    • Hi Michele! I’ve seen you post on other Christian blogs I read too! Yes, definitely think about getting involved. Sometimes, the best thing to do is not a Bible study per se, but something like GED preparedness, interview skills, writing skills, etc that will attract more people than just those who already know Christ. With the creative writing group, I actually followed that with a Bible study and most of the girls stayed on. Something to think about!! I will pray for you too!

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