Proverbs 16


In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.~Proverbs 16:9

My plan was to be married at 22 or 23, and to be a mother by the time I was 25. No part of that plan happened.

Nothing appeared to be happening on the marriage and motherhood horizon, so I set 28 as my goal age for marriage and my first child. 28 sounded sophisticated and mature.

Well, as we all know, our perspective shifts as we grow older. We learn that plans are often out of our control. Soon I will turn 28. I am single.

I no longer have any age that I peg as my goal age for marriage or motherhood. Now I can see clearly that it is our amazing God who has established and continues to establish my steps. The Lord had bigger plans for me than what I hoped for myself. I have been working as a social worker and able to minister to many individuals. If I was married and a parent, I would not have had the same amount of time to minister as I do as a single woman.

Not only does our Father allow us a longer period of singleness for ministry, but He also gives a period of singleness as a gift to us. Singleness has given me many opportunities to travel and to learn new skills. He has drawn me deeper into my life’s specific purpose. The Lord has revealed many other plans and dreams for my life that I would have missed had I settled down early and become a mother.

What has God revealed to you in your singleness?

We can set goals for ourselves and have visions of how our lives will turn out. It is important to set goals and work toward them. A life without goals and vision is directionless. Yet, we must constantly seek to align our will with the will of God. We must surrender when our plans are different than His.

Jesus is walking with us, whether or not our plans align with His. He is using our path to serve others and to minister to them. Not only that, but He has actually blessed us with a gift in our singleness! What are we missing out on by clinging to our own plans, instead of steadily walking the path that Christ has laid out for us?

Join the conversation!  Has God changed your plans? 


lianna-headshot Lianna

Hello! My name is Lianna. I am 27 years old and live in Cleveland, Ohio. I am a case manager for refugee mothers. My favorite things are traveling, learning other languages, singing, and journeying with others. I blog and hope to inspire others at


6 thoughts on “Proverbs 16

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  2. I just love this. I think this is something we all struggle with! I know I do! I will have this great plan for my life and what will happen and when it will happen. And God is always like, “Ummm, no Keri THIS is how it’s gonna go”. And His plan is always better! I love this reminder today!

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