Proverbs 18


Fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinions – Proverbs 18:2

Late on a Friday night, there I would be.  After a date, there I would be.  Whenever I was feeling lonely or depressed, there I would be.  Sitting in front of my computer, scrolling through Facebook.

I did it for comfort, but that was the irony.  It wasn’t comforting at all.  Instead, I focused on what everyone else had that I didn’t.  The happy pictures of couples – newlyweds and long-marrieds, babies and big families.  Facebook envy is real y’all.

But lately, especially with the election in America, it has gotten even worse.  At least before I could like people’s happy pictures even if it made me envious – I could rejoice with them and for them.

Now social media has become the place for people’s strong opinions, like every post is an opportunity for mic drop – I’m going to put the “real me” out there (read: excuse to say something I know will offend people) and not care what you or anyone thinks.

What’s worse, this seems to feed other people’s desire to post their own opinions as a response, which are equally intended to shock or offend.  It’s a vicious cycle and it only spirals down.

Here’s the good news – as Christians, we are called to be lights in the darkness.  We are called to be representatives of Christ for others.  We are all called to be missionaries, right where we are, with the people right around us.

Have you thought about your social media account being your own mission field?

Satan wants fools to continue spreading their own opinions – he does not want to spread understanding. When you log onto Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or what-have-you, I challenge you to be God’s light.  In particular, as single people, we should be keeping in mind our single brothers and sisters and what we can be doing to lift them up.

Each of us has been given wisdom to share.  We each have been granted the power to be a light.  Together, we can light the world!

Join the conversation!  How can we be a light on social media or what struck you from Proverbs 18??


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