Proverbs 24


By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established – Proverbs 24:3

I have been thinking recently about building a strong foundation.  I am at the start of my marriage, but the reality is that I started building my foundation years ago.

The cornerstone of my foundation was accepting Jesus, 14 years ago.

I added to that church attendance – years of sermons that grew my understanding of what it meant to follow Him.

My next stone was my own Bible study – I read the Word, I joined studies, I participated in external groups like Bible Study Fellowship.

Next, prayer – this is still a small stone for me that I am working on enlarging.

Sometimes I built quickly, adding layer upon layer.  Sometimes the foundation sat dormant for months, with no activity, no growth.  But always I returned to it.

I was building a foundation for my marriage by first becoming a strong, committed Christian.  I bring the wisdom of that foundation into my marriage and it makes me a better wife.

Let me ask you, what are you doing right now to build your foundation for your future marriage?

While a lot of the building I did myself, piece by piece, the reality is that the strongest foundations are not built alone.  When Solomon built the temple, it was done by many craftsmen.  When Nehemiah rebuilt the wall, it took a whole community.

For me, my foundation has been built with the help and encouragement of others.  Especially one of my best friends, without whose Christian fellowship I would not be the woman I am today.  My small group leaders, whose wisdom and leadership helped mold me.  Pastors whose inspirational and enlightened sermons opened my eyes to new truths in the Bible.

These are relationships that I cherish.  I recognize the role that they have played in helping me build a solid foundation and I hope that I in turn have helped them build their own foundations.

Let me ask you, who is helping you build your foundation?

If you do not have people around you, then I encourage you to find them – get involved in your church, a small group, service opportunities, etc.

Let your house be built through wisdom and understanding.


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