Proverbs 28


He who trusts in his own heart is a fool, but he who walks wisely will be delivered. – Proverbs 28:26

The fall of 2005 was one of the best seasons of my life.  I had just begun my freshman year of college studying astronomy and astrophysics, and I was loving it.  On top of that, my walk with the Lord had never been better.  I loved the challenges of the classroom, the joys of embracing Christ daily and being filled with His Spirit.  It wasn’t always easy, but it was totally awesome.

A month or two into the fall semester, I met an attractive young woman (I’ll call her “Sarah”), and we hit things off quite well.  In fact, we hit them off a little too well; Sarah immediately started pursuing me, going out of her way to spend time with me, and sometimes even chasing me down on my way to the cafeteria.  And as someone who had never had a real girlfriend before, I loved the attention that she paid me.  So it didn’t take long at all until we were, for all intents and purposes, dating.

Now, in and of itself, there would have been nothing wrong this.  However, I knew that I wasn’t really in a position to pursue any kind of romantic attachment at that point in my life: my coursework alone kept me far too busy for any kind of relationship, and I knew in the back of my mind that Sarah and I were in very different places in our walks with the Lord.  In fact, if I were entirely honest, I wasn’t even sure that Sarah had a walk with the Lord.  Even worse, I managed to keep the relationship a secret from my parents – whom I knew would not approve – until well into the spring semester.  But, despite all of this, I was enjoying myself too much to call things off, and continued to spend every spare minute I had with Sarah.

When my parents finally did find out – well, I’m sure you can imagine what that was like.  My parents were devastated that I had lied to them, Sarah was crushed at my breaking things off with her for hardly any reason at all, and my daily closeness with the Lord now felt like an unbreachable chasm.  It was one of the best, followed by one of the worst, seasons in my entire life.

But I learned a deeply painful lesson in that season.  Proverbs 28:26 says this: “He who trusts in his own heart is a fool, But he who walks wisely will be delivered.”  To this day, I regret the choice I made to trust in my own heart, and I regret the pain that it caused to those I cared deeply for.  But that season is also sweet to me, because in it, as I repented, I encountered amazing grace.  Today, my relationship with my parents is restored, my friendship with Sarah has been healed, and most importantly, my walk with the Lord is again moving in the direction it needs to.

Whether or not you are currently tempted to trust in your heart—perhaps, as I was, by compromising on your principles in the hopes of acquiring a spouse—the message to each of us today is the same: embrace wisdom.  Walk with Christ.  And you will be delivered.

Join the conversation!  Does this speak to you or what struck you from Proverbs 28?


meandallysonheadshot Chris

I am a postdoctoral scholar studying theoretical nuclear physics at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, where I live with my wife Allyson and nine-month-old daughter Georgia Clementine.  I am a regular blogger for various Christian ministries and blogs, including,, and  I also have a (rarely updated) personal blog which can be viewed  I love learning about theology, philosophy, science, and apologetics, and then sharing what I learn with others.


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