Proverbs 29


“The fear of man lays a snare, but he who trusts in the Lord is safe.”~Proverbs 29:25

How much pain would we spare ourselves if we simply trusted our Heavenly Father instead of fearing what people thought?

Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to explain that you’re single and nearing 30, in your 30’s, or even older. There are people who find singleness strange or even unacceptable, especially beyond a certain age. That attitude can cause us to feel pressure to get into relationships. When all those surrounding us seem to be dating, engaged, or married, we can also feel the pressure to get into a relationship.

The key question we need to ask in all of our decisions is this: Am I trusting the Lord wholeheartedly, or worried about what others think?

As Proverbs 29:25 reminds us, what other people think can deceive us in our decisions and thought processes. Here are a few of the “snares” that fear of men lay for us around relationships.

-That it’s time to settle once you turn the age of __ because it is unlikely to find someone after that

-The belief that being single equals being inferior

-The belief that if we were to lower some of our standards, it would be easier to find that special someone

-The belief that God’s laws about intimacy and marriage are outdated

These are only some of the snares that we must dodge! Doubtless, you have encountered other snares as you’ve undertaken your journey. These snares only keep us from living the abundant lives that the Lord is waiting to give us. They keep us trapped in doubt and negativity. Instead of being safe in God’s will, we open ourselves up to all sorts of heartbreaks, including premature or wrong relationships.

Trust in the Lord and His will for our life brings peace. Trying to fit our lives into society’s framework when God has another plan only brings unnecessary heartache. Following God’s will brings blessings (not always immediate) and peace.

I grew up in a very conservative area where it is the norm to get married in one’s early 20’s. God’s will for my life definitely did not follow that pattern. Have I had opportunities to jump into relationships or even be engaged by now? Yes—but the Lord revealed other paths, and I had no peace until I made the decision to obey Him.

If we trust in the Lord around our future marriage and in every area of our lives, we will be protected from much pain. Though trusting God and awaiting a husband for long years may open us up to criticism from people, the Lord will surely bless and protect us as we seek His heart above all.


lianna-headshot Lianna

Hello! My name is Lianna. I am 27 years old and live in Cleveland, Ohio. I am a case manager for refugee mothers. My favorite things are traveling, learning other languages, singing, and journeying with others. I blog and hope to inspire others at

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