Happy(?) Thanksgiving!


Family celebration or family stress?  Hugs or conflict?  A time of remembering all that we have to be thankful for or a time of focusing on the one thing that we don’t?

Whether your holidays are full of thanks or conflict, this Thanksgiving I recommend something different: radical gratitude.

  • Before you head down to your family, write down five non-family things that you are grateful for.  When you feel depressed or angry, take a break (a bathroom trip is a useful excuse) and read over your list.
  • During your time with your family, try to find at least one thing to thank each person who is there.  For a particularly difficult person, it may be thanking them just for passing the bread basket.  That’s okay.
  • Go with the goal of helping.  Sometimes serving others can make us more grateful for what we have.


I am grateful for each one of you reading this post and I wish for all of you a very happy Thanksgiving!!!


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