MRP 2017


I am so excited to share this with you!!  MRP is going to join with you to build a strong foundation for marriage!  Whether you’re still single or already married, we can work NOW on being a better spouse!

In 2017, we’re going to focus on a different quality or skill each month that will lead to a better marriage.  We’re going to challenge you to not just read the posts, but also take action.  Let’s do it together!

Our primary goal is to build community.  That means you!  We’re going to write posts that engage you and spark conversation.  Jennifer and I will continue to write regularly, but Roz and Timmie, whom you may remember from the October challenge, are joining as monthly contributors!  We will post inspirational verses and quotes that will help you to stay motivated to do the challenge and we’re starting a monthly “chatroom.”  We want your input and your voice!

MRP is a place that you will come to not just to read posts, but to meet and encourage each other.  We are sisters and brothers in Christ!  We don’t have to be alone!

So starting with January, we’re going to focus on health – not just the traditional exercise/weight loss goals (although you can choose to do that for your challenge!), but our spiritual and emotional health as well.  We’ll post about our own health journeys and we’ll join together on the challenge! By pushing each other and holding each other accountable, we are all going to improve together!

I am so looking forward to 2017!!!  Let’s get started!!


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