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2 thoughts on “MRP Chatroom! Come join!

  1. This one is tough because it feels judge-y and these are superficial versus spiritual traits. Further, I myself am a *pleasantly plump* girl and I always hated feeling like I couldn’t compare to thinner women. That said, smoking was definitely a non-negotiable for me. Binge drinking would be dependent on the circumstances – how much are we talking, is it at some crazy party or at home, does it result in negative personality changes or behaviors, etc? Morbidly obese is also dependent on the circumstances – how much, why, is the person still healthy and active or a total couch potato, do they want to change, etc?

    Getting married later in life, you definitely want to maximize all the years that you have left, so you want to find someone who’s taking care of themselves. On the other hand, the pickings get slimmer as you get older and it’s hard to say what is really a non-negotiable beyond faith.

  2. Yeah, smoking was definitely a dealbreaker for me. Between ashtrays, the smell of smoke, and the obvious effect on health, I couldn’t deal with it. When I hear “binge drinking”, I think of alcoholism and drink after drink after drink…that wouldn’t sit well with me either.

    Now, I’m on the fence about morbidly obese. I feel like when it’s applied according to AMA standards, people who fall in the “obese” category, I would consider maybe a little overweight or thick. And I’ve been attracted to men with cuddly teddy bear builds and I ended up marrying one 🙂

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