January Challenge Finish!


Well, we’re here at the end of January and how did we do??

Time for confession: I was really strong the first two weeks (with drinking 32 oz. of water every day) and then I fell off the wagon.  I still strived for it, but I wasn’t quite as systematic.  My guess is that I hit 5 or 6 out of every 7 days.

But here’s the good news: that’s a whole lot better than what I would have done without setting the goal for myself!  So if you’re like me, looking at your imperfect track record and feeling guilty, then instead compare it to what you know you would have done if you hadn’t had the goal in the first place.  From that vantage, you probably did pretty good!

Further, having a health-related goal helped me to be more healthy in other areas of my life.  I have been walking on the treadmill most days of the week (it’s actually one strategy that helped me drink more water) and I have also been consuming alcohol less.  I did not set any goals for either of these, but just having a focus on health helped me make better choices!

Of course, there’s a spiritual connection here.  Jesus said that he did not come to do away with the law, but to fulfill it.  That means that as Christians, we still have a big goal of perfection.  We read the verses, we see the expectations.  But because we’re human, we’re not going to make it 100%.  God knows this.  Sure, we might start out strong when we first become believers or after a recommitment, but sooner or later, we start slipping.  And that’s okay.  Jesus gives us grace.  But the hope is that over time, we will slowly become molded more and more into Jesus’ image.  Just by having the goal set before us, we will become better Christians.

So don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t do it perfectly (or if you thought about starting, but didn’t quite make it).  We are all in this together, trying to be better Christians, better spouses, and just better people all around.

Everyone who responds below will be entered to win a book!  This month’s book is “’I’m Not Good Enough’..and other Lies Women Tell Themselves” by Sharon Jaynes.  You can check out the book and reviews here!

I hope that you have all been encouraged to be a little healthier this month and I look forward to next month’s challenge, which will focus on Service and Compassion!  We start tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “January Challenge Finish!

  1. That’s so good, Joanna! My goal of working out once a week has become more of a wish than a plan :-/ but I *have* become more cognizant of my physical activity and will continue to improve.

    • Haha, I totally understand what you’re saying about it being more of a wish than a plan! I feel that way about my many attempts to eat healthier. But hopefully we’re taking small steps toward a healthier future!

  2. It’s great that your plans helped you improve – maybe not 100% but still something is better than nothing 🙂

    I had a goal – a diet, that actually didn’t work out, but I started another one, one I know helped my mother some time ago, and I did manage pretty well during the last week and starting this. It looks like it might actually work so I’m rather pleased with how that turned out :). I also managed to get into habit of walking the last mile&change to work and back as well as riding regularly, so that’s also good. I hope I can stick to those changes for a long time.

    The thing I decided to do is writing my plans and habits to develop in my calendar – it has place for things like that at the begining of each month 🙂 . I can say it’s easier when you have such reminder 🙂

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