Love in Translation


In case you were wondering where your weekend post was, it’s right here!  An article of mine was published in SheLoves Magazine, one of my favorite Christian blogs, and it’s right on point with our topic!

“A friend is the one that lends a hand during the time of need.”  —Arabic proverb

One. واحد

I stood inside my local food pantry, looking at the family before me. The man was dressed in a gray sweat suit and white tennis shoes. His black hair and moustache were neatly combed and he gave me a broad smile. With him were two women, both dressed in long, dark purple dresses and hijab. One was young and stout, with heavy makeup; the other was petite and wizened. Both eyed me warily.

Two. اثنان

“Welcome to the pantry,” I said. “Do you speak any English?”

“I speak little,” said the man, his teeth shining white in his full smile.

The older woman lifted a single finger and waved it back and forth like a warning. “No English.”

I silently said a prayer for assistance.

Read more here!


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