February Challenge


Alright, time for us to finish out our challenge month on service and compassion!  I hope you have some good stories to share!  But please don’t take that as pressure to do something huge – we are all capable of acts of service and compassion, and none of them have to be saving the world in one fell swoop.  Often, the most meaningful acts of compassion are small and perhaps unnoticeable to anyone outside of the person serving, and the one being served.

So what did I do this month?  I gave a book I loved to a friend whom I thought could use it, I started a community group focused on sustainability, I helped my parents-in-law babysit my niece and nephew, and…I can’t remember the other one!  I will come back and edit if I remember.

But you can see that these are just small things, none of them world-changing.  As we grow in Christ, the true challenge is not to do just a weekly act of service, but to be thinking every day how we can be serving those around us, as well as reaching out to others in our community.  So let’s hear what you did!

I will pick someone from the group to send a book to and no worries if you missed out this month – tomorrow we start a new challenge focused on the theme of You’re Worth It!  See you then!



2 thoughts on “February Challenge

  1. This definitely made me think a lot more intentionally about serving especially since my environment has changed. This month, I purchased breakfast for my hairdresser and treated a friend who is having a not so good season to coffee. Like you said but hopefully made *their* world a bit easier 🙂

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