MRP Chatroom!

does god have only one right person for me

Can there be only one…or is that just Highlander??


6 thoughts on “MRP Chatroom!

  1. This is a tough one for me because I would have said absolutely no, there’s not just one right person for you. And for anyone dating, I think searching for “the perfect person” puts a lot of pressure on dates and it makes people reject potential marital partners out of hand because they don’t match their vision of “the one.”

    But I have to say that I searched for years and into my 30s and never had a longterm relationship…then Pat appeared and he was everything that I wanted, everything on my “list.” I feel reasonably confident that if I hadn’t met Pat, I would likely be still single now. So, I am sure that there could be other possible guys for me out there…but who knows if I would have met them?

    All of this longwinded response to say – don’t let the thought of just one right person keep you back from finding someone who may not be perfect or completely meet your expectations, but who is a real person with flaws, just as we all have. At the same time, know that God can provide just the right person for you!

  2. This is such a good question! But I think I’ll answer it by telling a personal story or two. Many moons ago I was dating a good man. Mentally stable, handsome, had all his teeth, good breath. I was praying about said man and the direction of our relationship and the only thing I heard was “you’ll be happy, but that’s not my best for you.” Another time I was praying about a different man, with the same great qualities. And again I heard “where I’m taking you, he can’t go.”

    All that to say that prior to those moments, I didn’t believe in “the one” etc. But apparently there is one person that God considers my best and is specifically suited to go where I’m going. And I’m excited about that and feel no pressure. He keeps the planets in orbit, so I’m sure he’s capable of bringing that person to me just in time šŸ˜‰

  3. I think there are definitely some people who you are more suited to than others, and God is all knowing, so I pray that he one day leads me to one of those people who I am well suited to!

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