MRP Chatroom!

okay to cancel on friends

That last-minute date opportunity comes up…decisions, decisions…


2 thoughts on “MRP Chatroom!

  1. I don’t think so.
    First it is a little rude to cancel last-minute (or even not last minute) because ofo something not that serious. You just schedule this date for another time. Or maybe work a little with the schedule to fit both.
    Second – it would be in the similar area like divorcing because someone better came along. We need to keep our engagements – in small things just like in big ones.
    By the way, canceling on friends because of a possible date seems a lot like boy-craziness to me.

  2. I definitely agree with Anna! It is important that we don’t place boys above friends and instantly abandon our friends when a guy comes along! That said, knowing how much my single girl friends want to be married, I have a lot of compassion and grace for them when it happens!

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