April Challenge Finish!



Can you believe it’s already the end of April??  I can’t!  Already heading toward summer!  Hooray!

So how did it go this month in stewardship?  I can tell you that I did a few things well this month.  First, I had a couple opportunities that have come my way that I have had to say no to, in order to be a good steward of my relationship with my husband.  It is so easy to become overcommitted and to forget to spend time with the ones that you love most.

Second, I started giving my full 10% tithe.  I had been hovering somewhere around 8% with my old job, but with this new one, I am at the full amount.  I do not judge anyone who doesn’t make it to the 10% – I know what it’s like to look at the money coming in and the money going out and not feel like you have an additional dollar to give.  But after over six months of unemployment, I was blessed with another job and am happy to give back.  This is good stewardship of both my finances and my relationship with God.

I loved the posts this month – Jen’s post on digging up our buried talents, Roz’s on investing in our sexual integrity, Timmie’s on stewardship of our influence, and Lianna’s on guarding our physical health.  Such great reminders that stewardship and the gifts that we have been given are about so much more than finances!

If you know that God has given you blessings, then how are you being a good steward of them?  Are you sharing them and growing them?  Are you using them to bless others?  God has given them to you for a reason!

See you tomorrow in (gasp) May!


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