MRP Chatroom!

pets turn on or turn off


8 thoughts on “MRP Chatroom!

  1. if they are in good shape and well behaved – definitely a turn-on 🙂 Means he can take care of other beings and wants to do so. Fortunately I have no allergies which might be a problem for some.
    Pet that is lonely and probably neglected? “Run now” sign 😉

    • It’s funny you should say that because that was one of my beefs with my now-husband! He is a HUGE dog lover and he especially babies the small dog – definitely was a point of jealousy while we were dating!! Which is funny to be jealous of a dog, but just being honest! =)

  2. I definitely agree with all of the above! Having pets can be a good sign of maturity, responsibility, and an ability to be a caregiver. I have never doubted my husband’s likelihood of being a good dad because he is already a great dad to his dogs!

    On the flip side, I know one of my best friends just doesn’t like pets and it’s a real turn off to her if the guy has a pet because she doesn’t want to live with one if they got married!

  3. Interesting question! I am an animal lover, so it would not be a problem for me. I think it can show he is a caring person. Dog, cat, horse, that would be awesome. A reptile or a rodent, though…I am not sure about that!

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