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Physically Compatible

We want boundaries in dating, but…


10 thoughts on “MRP Chatroom!

  1. Hmm, I was definitely asked that question whenever someone learned of my celibacy. But I think that’s something God will take care of in marriage. After all, marriage is a perennial classroom, right? There’s always something to learn 🙂

  2. The Western, sexually saturated, romance driven culture we live in puts too much emphasis on physical compatibility; definitely more than on spiritual, relational and intellectual compatibility. Any male is going to be sexaully/physically compatible with any female- that’s how God we were created us. We need to focus more on being compatible in these other areas and then physical compatibility will fall into place. We’re not supposed to know if there will physical compatibility before marriage- that buys into the “test drive the car” mindset which is against the Word of God. Chances are if a boy meets girl and they are emotionally, spiritually, relationally, intellectually well-matched, they will be physically compatible; more so than a couple that does not have that foundation.

  3. Hi all – I agree with much of the above. I know from my own relationship that my husband and I had strong intellectual, emotional, and physical chemistry before getting married and we trusted that we would be compatible after marriage. BUT – and here’s the big BUT – being physically compatible doesn’t necessarily mean that sex will always be what you see in the media. I think that’s the mistake that people make. I agree completely with Jen that both people have to see marriage as a classroom and always be willing to learn and grow together. If both people love, trust, and have a heart to serve the other person, I don’t think physical compatibility will be a problem for 99% of couples (barring medical issues or complications).

  4. A very interesting question! Not having had any form of physical intimacy with a guy before, I do wonder about this from time to time! But then I guess that most of your time as husband and wife is actually spent ‘hanging out’ and doing all the general day to day tasks. So I think when you are deciding if you are compatible for marriage – this should really be at the forefront of the decisions. And that other physical portion…well I’m a firm believer that practise makes perfect 😉

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