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Dear MRP, I have been dating this guy for one month and I really like him!  We have a lot of things in common and things are heading in the right direction.  However, last week I went over to his house for dinner and within five minutes of being there, his dog bit me!  Totally without provocation, he just leapt up and bit my hand hard enough to break the skin and cause bleeding.  So now, do I continue with the guy when I know that if we got married, it would be me or the dog?  Is that unfair to even ask?  I don’t know what to do!!


Ouch! I’m sorry about that. A dog bite is definitely not the best way to begin a romantic dinner.​ ​But ​what weighs heavier to me ​more than the question of whether this ultimatum will threaten​ ​the relationship ​is if this incident revealed more about the guy than his temperamental pet.

In the early stages of a relationship, we tend to wear shiny masks, highlighting only our brightest features. But sudden stressful events like an unexpected dog bite crack the shell and show what lies beneath. How did the guy handle the incident? Was he attentive to you? Accusatory? Apathetic? Did you feel considered or cast aside? And do you feel comfortable continuing the relationship, based on his reaction​?​

Your relationship is young so there’s a lot to work out and work on before it gets to marriage. Once you both get to know each other better​, I think the choice between you and the dog will be a simple one.

Praying for God to guide you as you decide.

Jen @ MRP

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