Creating Space


Quiet time.  Morning devotional.  Nightly prayer.  Bible study.  Private reflection.

What does space look like to you?

Maybe it is your morning commute – you drive in silence, using the time to reflect on God’s blessings in your life.  Maybe it is your lunch hour at work – a daily time that you use for a devotional.  Maybe you reserve a day each week to meet with a small group for Bible study.

Space is as fluid as the ocean.  It does not have to be set in stone.  As humans, we have a tendency to be legalistic, to want a schedule (or is that just me?).  But we know from even just God’s creation around us that God’s paths are seldom straight, but are instead as wild as they are wonderful.  We, too, must sometimes be willing to forge a winding path.

For me, I have committed for this month to do a daily devotional.  This is a ten minute space that I am carving out for myself.  Sometimes it happens in the morning, sometimes at night.  But at least once a day I have been forcing myself to sit still and reflect on things of God.  It is not always easy, but I know that I am the better for it.

I have also checked out a few audiobooks from the library that focus on matters of faith.  I am purposefully committing my commute  – 25 minutes each way if not more – to the Lord.  I struggle so much with keeping still, with quieting my heart and mind, and not having my attention go hither and yon, that my commute is the one time that I can only listen, as my hands and attention are occupied.

For you, it may start with something like a devotional, easily pieced out in daily parcels, or it could be as simple as a prayer.  Have you thanked God today for the blessings in your life?  Have you confessed and repented of your sin?  Have you cast your cares on him?  Start there.

God often speaks to me through nature – it is His magnificent work, after all.  Creating space is like the sun rays breaking through the clouds, or the unexpected flash of beauty when they hit the water just right.  It is peaceful, it is restorative, it brings joy.  Space is not an obligation.  It can be a sacrifice, but ultimately one that illuminates God’s presence in our lives, when we might otherwise be too busy to stop and notice.

What space can you create in your life for God?


4 thoughts on “Creating Space

  1. For me, I take time each morning to read some devotionals on the YouVersion app. Then at night I will turn on some worship music and talk to God. Sometimes I am completely silent and just listening. Other times I will do this while getting some chores or cooking done. Ironically, when my body is busy my mind is quieter for me to hear from Him. I’ve actually had my most in depth conversations with God and times of hearing from God when I’m doing something else! And there are even times where I will stop and journal as well. Overall, I don’t think it matters how it’s done as long as I do it. Even when you don’t feel like it. God speaks despite my emotions as long as I’m willing to listen 🙂

    • I love it! Thank you for sharing! I completely agree with you that sometimes it is when my body is busy that I can be the most open mentally! God will take advantage of any space that we give Him =)

  2. As a mom, space can get tricky. I like to find it when I’m walking my son in his stroller or when I’m doing the dishes. And lately, I’ve been devoting my last minutes of the day to spending time in the Word, rather than my phone!!

    Beautiful post!

    • Absolutely being a mom – especially of a little child – can be the most challenging to carve out space and can feel like one more chore to do! I love that you have been able to find spaces to both be a mom and be with God. God will find those moments to speak to you! Thank you for sharing!!

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