MRP Chatroom!

How Quickly Will You Know

Love at first sight…or not certain till you’re walking down the aisle (and even then you might wonder a little)…?


2 thoughts on “MRP Chatroom!

  1. I think for me, it will take some time. There are certain qualities I am looking for, and those take time and different situations to observe. However, in some cases, I do believe that people can know pretty quickly.

  2. From my own experience, I always thought I would know pretty quickly – and I did! After about a month, I was pretty sure, and after two months, I was absolutely sure. From then on, I was just waiting for the proposal =) But I knew I was looking for someone very specific and had been on enough dates that I was pretty focused. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have reservations about getting married because I did! So if you feel uncertain, dig down to see what you really have reservations about!

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