Modern Ruth: Cindy


1. What age were you when you got married?


2. How did you make use of the time that you were single?

I worked hard as a teacher in the US, in Vienna Austria and then Singapore. Then I returned to the States and began work as a sales person for a publishing company

3. What was your biggest struggle as a single person?

I would not say it was a big struggle but I worked through:

Redefining my life outside the normal environment in which I was born and raised

Assuming I would never marry

Losing my father while I was overseas

4. What helped you wait on the Lord?

Not sure I would define it in that way. I just took things as they came and accepted them. The good Lord was at my side, of that I was sure but I did not spend a lot of time dwelling on that.

5. What were the top five qualities that you were looking for in a husband?






Independence (I know, that’s 6)


6. Tell us a little about the journey from meeting to marriage.

My husband and I were introduced by a common friend who also worked with us.  I worked and traveled a lot, as I continue to do. Dick was interested in what I did and cared what happened to me.  We dated for a number of years and traveled together and married 3 times:  in Bangkok, Thailand, in my home church in CA, and in Austin, TX where the paperwork finally made it legal. (The other two times, the paperwork was not certified)

7. How did you know that he was the man that you were to marry?

We were compatible, attracted, interested in many of the same things, cared and respected each other over a long period of time.

8. Now that you are married, what do you think are the most important qualities to look for in a husband?

I would say the same ones as above.

9. Looking back, what did God develop in you during your time in singleness that has blessed you in marriage?

My ability to stand on my own two feet

Acceptance of many cultures and ways of thinking and realizing that even if people believe differently than I, it doesn’t make either of us wrong

That others believe in God too but might be of a different religion or worship differently



10. What advice would you give to ladies who are single later in life?

Life is what you make of it.  You were not born to be with a partner but by yourself. If you meet a life partner during your lifetime, the relationship should enhance who you are and what you are.

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