Amish: A Secret Life


Last night, Pat requested that we watch a documentary on the Amish.  Okay, I thought, why not.  So we ended up watching the above 2012 BBC documentary – Amish: A Secret Life – which is available on YouTube.  The tale is of Miriam and David, an old order Amish couple and their four children (the baby comes during the filming period).  However, as the documentary continues, you learn they are actually more progressive than they let on at the beginning – even just their willingness for the BBC to film them is an act that would get them excommunicated from the church.

Let me just say – I love this couple.  In particular, I love Miriam.  She is like the Amish Jennifer Garner with her absolutely gorgeous smile and natural beauty that she does not use makeup to cover.  She just radiates goodness.

What I found interesting, though, is the connection to my prior post this week – the Amish are a whole society who, due to their religious beliefs, have renounced modern culture.  They are living the epitome of the “set apart” life.  Just looking at them, you know that they are different.

One way that this comes through is in the description of their dating life. They had a two-year courtship period. You thought I was strict with my no-sex policy?  David says that Miriam had a “hands-off” policy.  No kissing or even hugging.  What did they do romantically?  They sat close together and “enjoyed the warmth from each other’s bodies.”

I cannot see this going over well in greater American culture.  But if I were to say what I thought the ideal of true Christian dating looked like, would it not be this?  Treating one another as brother and sister in Christ until marriage?  And obviously it did not impact their romantic life together because they had five kids by the end of the show.

But maybe I’m cynical.  Maybe it is possible in American culture.  I don’t know.  I asked Pat if he would have married me if I had had a similar policy and he avoided the question =P

What do you think?  Is it possible?  Is it even a good idea?  Do you think it’s sweet or do you think it’s cheezy and impractical?