Proverbs 30


Proverbs 30.12 “There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness.”

When I was saved, I was really disappointed. Everything around, beyond the walls of specific group of people from extended bible study seemed bleak. I saw a lot of people calling themselves Christians and believers who rarely ever seemed to live by what was theoretically their faith. That stung, since I wanted someone to keep me on good track. I started noticing duplicity that most of those people didn’t even seem aware of.

Then I joined a choir in my parish. I thought I was finally somewhere I would be understood with my passion (the kind we all have when everything is new and fantastic) for Christ and the Word. At first it all seemed great – we sang a lot, I learned to pray that way and I was hooked.

When I got to know those people better I understood not everything was as good as I initially thought. Not even as good as “good enough”. Most of this group was connected to the church for years, took part in youth days, camps, evangelization groups… But at the same time they were constantly avoiding confession, keeping with their sins and obviously being okay with that. They would say, at the same time, that Communion and God are the most important things for them, but they had no time to prepare.

Don’t get me wrong – I love those people, I pray for them every day, I think they are great people. I also think they do want to be with God, I think they really think they are just ok enough to be pure.  But I think they have a big problem – they think everything is okay, when it clearly is not. They live as if God was only with them during church hours. As if following his commandments and guidelines is old-fashioned, restrictive, unrealistic and simply not important.

It’s probably one of the most dangerous things we can find. Those are people we may look to as they seem to be spiritually mature – how couldn’t they, they have been in the church forever. But what we see them doing is something wrong. We need to listen to the author of proverbs and heed his warning. We may encounter this kind of people everywhere we go, but we need to have our own mind and seek our own wisdom. The author gives us warning, shows us foolish people, but he also gives us direction. We need to seek God’s Word and heed it. The Word that is PURE. That’s what we need to heed, not the example of those who consider themselves pure and are anything but. We need discernment.

And something more important. Maybe we sometimes need to examine ourselves as well and check those areas we think are ok? Maybe we don’t see our own problems because we think we got that part of our life under control?

Join the conversation!  Can you relate to the above or what struck you from Proverbs 30?


anna Anna

Hello everyone! I am an almost 30 yo single woman living in Europe. Professionally a civil engineer, off hours I live to write and sleep😉. After struggling a lot with my singleness I try to live the fullest live that God gives me. Medieval reenactment is also a part of my life so I consider my life filled by the Lord to the brim.